Family Support

Is the family in an uproar half the time & walking on egg shells?

Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour and not sure how to manage it?

Is your family being affected by drugs or alcohol?

Has there been loss or bereavement?

Are you concerned about mental health or emotional wellbeing?

Who’s in charge and is the responsibility shared fairly?

Each family unit has its own personal dynamics and domestic demands. It can be very worrying and difficult to discuss or address concerns with your children or other family members, without feelings of guilt or obligation clouding the situation.

freshfocus is a private, confidential and understanding service, offering advice, information, and supportive counselling to parents, grandparents, kin-carers or foster carers and young people. This can be arranged on a one to one basis or as family mediation, or a mix of both.

Common areas of work:-

  • Boundaries & setting limits
  • Effective communication
  • Freedom & responsibilities
  • Adjusting to different life stages
  • Power & control
  • Parenting & team work
  • Trust, reward & consequences
  • Adjusting to life stages
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Bereavement

Accredited Counselling, Family Support & Supervision. Call 07769 539 340 or 01202 301037