Confidentiality means that what you share in your sessions will be respected and kept private within the freshfocus service provision.


Written permission will be required for any content to be shared outside of the sessions. This includes young people from the age of 13 years upwards, who have Gillick/Fraser competence (demonstrates a level of maturity in decision making) and will have to sign a ‘sharing information form’; although a level of open communication is encouraged when a parent/carer/key worker is supporting a young person into counselling.

Sometimes to enhance the support provided to you, referrals to other professional services can benefit your situation. For example, Social Services provide a “Carer’s Assessment” for people living with disability, which enables access to funding for equipment and other necessities. This will only be done with your written permission and you will also be requested to sign a ‘sharing information form’.

Confidentiality is only broken when there is a serious concern for your safety, or for the safety of others. This is in accordance with the BACP Ethical Guidelines, the Children Act and Terrorist Act. –
Case records and qualitative data are kept anonymous.


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