Coping with COVID-19

April 2022

Well, I finally succumbed to a nasty cold. The Lateral Flow Test indicated, Covid. It's not pleasant, and I can only imagine that the jabs have kept it from being any worse.


I am so glad to be far removed from the fear of the Pandemic, of the deadly disease, as it was for so many. I think the future may have to view the common cold slightly differently mind, to how we did before. We should not be spreading germs. If we are unwell, we need to self-care.

How are you looking after yourself? Do you know how to? Do you know how to want to?

I wish you well, and peace of mind.


May 2021

As we come out of what is truly hoped, the last lockdown, restrictions are beginning to lift and normality promises to resume. What does that mean for you? Has the past year or so, changed you and/or your life? Are you ready to take back some control and get back out there?


How are you? Are you coping? Are you still in survival mode? It seems a lot of people, young and older, are having to face the consequences

that this chapter in our lifetime has created. Some people, just feel stuck. Now could be the time to reflect and redirect your focus?

Whatever your circumstances, I wish you well. 



October 2020

It has been a hard year so far and although restrictions have lifted to some degree for a lot of the UK, we are still not out of the woods. As we head towards Christmas and cases of coronavirus take us into the threatened second peak, most of us find, we fear it will never end! Will we ever get our freedom back? It has been exhausting for most, but tragic for others.

How are you doing?

It seems for many people, life has changed dramatically. The restrictions have brought our immediate circumstances, our homes, relationships, wellbeing, work and finances  into question, and major life decisions have been made. On the other hand, some people are stuck and are struggling with the continuing symptoms  and consequences that this fear inducing disease and the management of it, has brought about.


However for most, we are still lucky enough to not have contracted COVID-19, or have survived it. Let's hope that continues and an immunity will strengthen, across the world. 

In the meantime, are you ready  to regroup, recharge your resilience and regain some control over your personal circumstances? 

With COVID-19 safety guidelines in place, I have started to see people face to face, for whom video calling is not suitable, and currently am based in Broadstone, Poole, in Dorset.  I continue to offer video calling primarily, via Skype or Zoom.  I have found this to be far more successful for clients, than I ever imagined before the lockdown. Perhaps it would be worth you giving it a go? 

I wish you well. 


March 2020

During these unprecedented times, the Corona Virus Pandemic has affected us all. A global event that has brought the world to attention to what it means to be 'safe and well.'


Bringing us to a standstill from life as we knew it, has been a massive adjustment and for many, traumatic. How safe and well are you really? What about before the lock-down? How will you and your life emerge, when we come out the other side, if you are lucky enough to survive?


We must isolate in order to not become part of the death toll, not to spread this contagious disease to many others, and put essential workers and the NHS at risk of collapse.

- The survival instinct has been activated.


When the survival response is triggered our brain switches gear, our autonomic nervous system takes over and we enter a fight, flight or freeze mode. This is a an incredible defensive mechanism with the primal purpose to keep us alive.


However, the effects of this defence strategy can be profound. For many, a sense of safety will be experienced once all instinctive procedures are put in place and the automatic system becomes desensitised - maybe heighten occasionally, for instance a visit to the local supermarket, when the 'looks to kill' part of you may surface when the other 'idiots' are not keeping the right distance, or going the correct way up and down the aisle? (Yes, I've been there!)


For others, a continual overwhelming fear can lead to flooding of the life-saving stress hormones , and then you've entered the realm of feeling traumatised. This interferes with all other thinking, feeling and doing functions - it can make you unwell, mentally, emotionally and physically. Are you getting the support you need? Isolation doesn't have to mean, being cut off - It's okay to not feel okay - It's okay to ask for help. This is a major event in itself - let alone the consequences on our personal well-being, relationships and livelihood!


If you decide that counselling may work for you - Then my aim would be help you come to terms with your situation, support you in finding ways to continue to cope with the stresses you face, and maybe consider how you are going to come out the other side.


This can be done by videocall - Zoom or Skype, or telephone, if necessary (not my favourite way of working) For those who are adversely financially affected, a reduced rate can be negotiated.


Right, I'm off to do my Qi-gong class - My medicine for keeping me sane!


Sending best wishes.