Good supervision is paramount when working in the helping professions. freshfocus will provide you with an independent, confidential space to explore the effectiveness of your working relationships – dynamics, obstacles and successes.

My personal definition of supervision is…Supervision is a safe and professional alliance to oversee with two hearts, trained minds and life experiences, the exploration of effectiveness and safe practice in the therapeutic relationship.

Taking a Integrative Humanistic approach, underpinned with Inskipp and Proctors’ Tasks of Supervision Model: Normative, Formative and Restorative and Hawkins and Shohets’ 7 Eyed Supervision Model, you can address the multi-dimensional levels of your diverse client work, process ethical dilemmas, identify developmental needs,  as well as maintaining awareness of your professional and personal self; enabling optimum well-being for both you and your clients.

Whether you are a counsellor, line manager, carer, teacher, social worker, advisor, therapist, mentor or youth worker etc; working for the welfare of others, YOU are the ‘instrument’ of your trade. To the clientele the relationship is what enables the desired outcomes and growth to take place. 

Engage with freshfocus as part of professional integrity and self-care routine.

Other areas:

  • Understand your empathic connections
  • Working with diversity and integrity
  • Discover strategies in maintaining your energy
  • Self-care
  • Optimise your professional presence and development

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