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Working Online

Working Online

Having gained a BACP Certificate in Relational Depth and Connection in Online Therapy OCTIA 2016, I understand how important and different it is to establish safety and rapport through a screen. Especially when our bodies and eyes are not actually physically connected, as they would be if we were to meet in person. 

A contract would be agreed beforehand, via email. I will send you a document that addresses professional and practical requirements, e.g. Contact details, confidentiality, what to do if the internet fails, how to pay, and how to create a private, safe therapeutic space.

Then at an agreed time, we would meet via Google Meet. This connection would be established through a session invite sent to your email address.

Tailor made to your needs and wants, short term and on-going courses of therapy can be agreed, under-pinned with appropriate theoretical approaches. 


Use the contact form to ask any questions or to start the ball rolling today.

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