Is it

for me?

Is Counselling for me?

I often hear people say, "I wouldn't mind having someone outside of my life to talk to, but I don't feel my issues are serious enough." And they struggle on feeling sad, lonely and unsupported. 

I believe most people could do with someone to talk to, in private, who is impartial, at some point in their life. To help clear away any confusion, deal with the past if necessary,  work out what it is that is getting in the way of their happiness, or preventing them from feeling ok, being themselves and living their life with peace. Rather than fighting with thoughts that leave them feeling out of place one way or another, often leading to poor health, both mentally and/or physically.

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​Yes, life deals big blows for some and counselling or psychotherapy can seem an obvious need to others around them, but still seeking help can be viewed  as a sign of weakness - who is to judge what is serious enough?

To me this is a crying shame - We are all human beings, not robots, or islands. Everyone is unique and only you can deal with your circumstances in a way that is right for you - but sometimes we need support in working out what that is. So I say, if you feel it could benefit you - why not? It doesn't mean you are weak or crazy - in fact to my mind, it shows a strength of character and independence in taking steps to getting yourself sorted out and finding a freshfocus

Is there anything to be afraid of?

I frequently say counselling can be like pulling out a cupboard that is stuffed full and has had the door held shut, whilst bulging under the strain. To sort it out, you need to go through it, imagine the task of recycling, dumping or reorganising.  It can be hard work and could feel a bit daunting or messy in the short term, but it takes energy to keep our emotional cupboard rammed shut! This can create all sorts of mental and physical health problems and hides potential treasure. Counselling is there to help you work through this process, you will be encouraged, challenged, and supported to get to where you would like to be -  a rearranged cupboard in a better working order.

​I'm ready to help you - Are you ready to help yourself?

freshfocus offers not only a listening ear, like a good sounding board,  but can also be an opportunity to have a frank and honest conversation - ultimately with yourself. 

What will happen?

At the first appointment, confidentiality will be explained to you, your contact details will be taken, and you will asked your reasons for coming to counselling. A plan will be made as a guideline, which can be as simple as agreeing to the amount of sessions to undertake before reviewing the plan.

​Any questions? Then contact me by email or call me on 07769 539340


- Anonymous and with client's permission

Female 24. Came with health concerns and low mood. Was feeling unhappy all the time and having scary thoughts, not experienced before. "Speaking to Lisa has comforted me and helped me realise, feeling my problems were insignificant or small in my world, was not helpful to me. Talking to someone in a safe space stops you spiralling. Often there is a stigma about talking to people. I found choosing to speak to someone was a strong decision and I wish have done it sooner!"

Female 48. Came with work stress, with fear of PTSD being re-triggered. "Counselling really helped me get over a difficult period. Now I have strategies to take into the future. I’ve learnt so much.

We can tell ourselves, or are told by others to ‘just get over it’ – We need help to move forward sometimes, rather than staying in situations because we can’t see the wood for the trees, and end up feeling helpless. "

Female 58, Had a bereavement, and come with work stress. “In the end I looked forward to coming to counselling, it was really positive in helping me to develop strategies and things. Lisa accurately pinpointed the issues I had, that I didn’t even realise myself and with supporting information, I gained understanding in what was happening with me physically – I wasn’t just going mad. I wasn’t alone in my thoughts and feelings, and now I feel I have some control back.”

Female 37, Came with bereavement. “I felt like I was drowning in my emotions while trying to tread water. Now I feel I have learnt to swim. Counselling helped me to see things as they are, as opposed to my way of thinking being overwhelmed with my grief.”

Male 53, Came with anxiety, bereavement and grief. "I was lost with no direction, not knowing which way to turn. I was helped to focus, gained my confidence back to make correct decisions in taking my life forward, after the experiences I've had."

Male 63. Came with work stress anxiety. "I was consumed with circumstances beyond by control. I was lost and could not find my way, physically or mentally, and now because I came (to counselling) those circumstances no longer affect me. I’ve taken control. Sometimes you need help to gain control, Lisa helped me to do this."

Male 44, Came with anxiety and low confidence. "With the help and techniques, I felt my confidence grow. I learnt how to deal with hard situation and how to move on from them e.g. Lockdown! I now have techniques to deal with them and has brought me to this stage, where I can deal with things by myself better, not perfectly, but can deal with everyday situations. I believe in myself and my abilities now.


Female 40, Came to counselling after a traumatic incident at work. "I found it very helpful, non-judgemental and easy to talk to Lisa. I was able to build my confidence back up."

Female 54, Came with financial and difficult family issues. "Lisa helped me find understanding, techniques and problem-solving strategies, to manage my issues, rather than me just moaning about them!" 


"I am a woman of 74 and came to Lisa for counselling sessions over some months. She was always professional, pleasant and polite and certainly helped me to come to terms with many aspects of my life, both past and present. There is no doubt that the name Fresh Focus is an apt one and I would certainly recommend anyone to get in touch with her to bring a new perspective to problems. Lisa has many years of experience in her line of work – and it shows." 

Male 40, "I came to see Lisa after the break down of my marriage. I was very against counselling as I have always come from a very

macho back ground, however I cannot stress how much this opinion has changed. It has helped me so much and uncovered problems in my life that I was totally unaware of. I would leave my sessions feeling enriched and I would recommend counselling to anyone now and certainly recommend Lisa. I feel that I have grown so much as a person through my sessions and am a better stronger more confident person."  

Female 59, Came with low mood. "I started seeing Lisa a few months ago with very low mood and didn't know what to do. She has helped me through my bad times and am feeling much happier now. I am more confident and can cope with the problems I face."

Male 54, Came with anger issues. "I have been able to realise that what my Dad did, and what he does, is out of my control. It is not my problem any more."

Male 37, Came with anxiety. "I was quite a sceptic. I didn't know what to expect, but as I leave I find myself open minded, more confident, more positive, more structured and feel I have the ability to recognise and cope with any future anxiety."

Female 31 yrs. Came with anxiety. “You’ve been so helpful – really easy to talk. It was good to offload without being shut down.”

Female 38 yrs, "Lisa provided a safe place to explore my issues to the level I wanted. She guided and supported me to find solutions that I needed to move forward."

Female 43 yrs, “Coming to counselling really helped me to find the ‘why’ and helped me to process, deal and move on with my issues. Lisa is really lovely and easy to talk to!”

​Female, 24 yrs, Came with anxiety. "Thank you - you really helped me – more ways than I thought. Its sounds cheese but its really turned my life around. I wake up everyday feeling positive – even if I have a hangover!"

​Male, 61 yrs, Wanted to build confidence for public speaking. “Go and see Lisa, she’ll help you! She taught me some techniques that I needed to build my confidence!”

​Female, 41 yrs. Came confused, anxious and tired. "Being listened to was a massive benefit to my on-going issues – really helped me feel at ease and talk things through with positive outcomes." 

Male, 40's. Came with drinking concerns. "I like the approach, the partnership is not overbearing – felt very supported – that is the key."

​Female, 35 yrs. Came for overwhelmed mood.  “Nice friendly person, puts you at ease…”
​Female, 45 yrs. Came for support with son, who has Asperger's. "Refreshing to be able to open up and not feel judged – this was huge for me"

Male,  44 yrs. Came for anxiety and panic attacks. “My thoughts are, its been helpful….simple fact had severe anxiety and stress and after a few meetings with Lisa, it felt this had lifted. "

​Female, 27 yrs. Came to manage loss. "Sessions were the right length (7 sessions), relaxed and friendly environment"