We are now facing the task of getting back to 'normal' after the Covid 19 Pandemic. It is hard to believe that the last 2 years has seen us go from living our lives as we were, to being locked down and dealing with the risk of  spreading and catching a life threatening disease, vigilantly keeping our distance, to now, adjusting to 'feeling safe' and coming back into close proximity with family, friends and society.


It has been traumatic for many, difficult for most; life changing, one way or another for pretty much everybody. Be as safe as you need to be as you come out of isolation, but remember we are social creatures that need  human contact, and although it is easy to imagine you are safer alone, it in fact can limit our life in so many unexpected ways.

Do you need support to come to terms with the impact, changes and obstacles that you face in finding your new normal? 

Welcome to Fresh Focus Support Services. You are a step closer to the experienced, accredited private counselling service that was created with you in mind. 

​​Providing a professional, flexible and friendly service to meet your needs, sesssions can be arranged one at a time, be 

open-ended with regular reviews;  or as a set term with specific targets and goals.

​Discover a freshfocus for yourself, so you are more energised, confident & empowered to make the changes you want or need.

Call today on 07769539340 or use the contact form below. 

Whether you are looking for CounsellingFamily Support or Professional Supervision the following can be provided:

  • ​A safe space to talk

  • Enable you to relieve &/or manage stress, concerns or unwanted feelings

  • Deal with your past

  • Assess what is working well and what is not

  • Discover your strengths & deal with your weaknesses

  • Raise your self-esteem

  • Explore your relationships

  • Find better ways to communicate

  • Discover simple solutions

  • Be motivated to act

  • Move on with a fresh focus



My name is Lisa Finch. I have 20 years of extensive experience supporting clients and colleagues in finding better ways to manage their lives, issues, relationships, responsibilities, mental and/or physical health, and help them to overcome their pain, discover ways to achieve their goals, self-care, communicate effectively, let go of what no longer serves them well, determine a healthy  perspective on their life and move on with a freshfocus.


  • British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy Accreditation in 2016 ("A quality standard for experienced practitioners and professional recognition of the quality of your practice")

  • CPCAB Level6 in Counselling Supervision in 2012

  • CPCAB Level5 in Counselling Young People in 2018

  • Accredited AFT Foundation Certificate in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice 2010

  • CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling 2002

  • NVQ Level3 in Tackling Addictions

  • CACHE Level 2 in Autism

Vocational Training including but not exclusive to:

Couples/Relationship therapy; Mindfulness; CBT; mental health including attachment /abandonment issues, abuse, sexual abuse, trauma, PTSD, anxiety & depression and the impact on our neurology; grief; and anger etc. for both adults and adolescents.  

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£30 for consultation

£50 per 50 mins

Online Counselling






Couples and Families

£40 for consultation

£65 per 60 mins or


£50 per 1 hour

 £70 per 90 mins

Zoom sessions available


Supervision can last up to

2 hours - cost depend on number in group

Group Supervision

Discounts for students,  trainee and volunteer counsellors, under 21's, over 75's with/and low income. Also for block booking and community funding.